40% of Kickstarter Goal in Two Days!

Amazing! Thank you so much for all you’re support!

We’re over 40% of the way to our goal in only two days!

In fact, many people have asked us how they are supposed to order multiple forks. So we went ahead and added three more Pledge Levels:

  • HAPI Couples – 2 forks for $175 ($87.50 per fork)
  • HAPI Family – 4 forks for $350 ($87.50 per fork)
  • HAPI Team – 10 forks for $850 ($85 per fork)

If you have already ordered a HAPIfork and want to change and order more, you can press the blue button on the top right “Manage Your Pledge.” On the next page, switch by clicking the circle next to the pledge level you now want. Scroll to the bottom and press “Continue” and follow the prompts from there.

Any questions, please ask on Kickstarter or email support@hapilabs.com!

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