Look Ma! I’m a Cyborg

Rani Molla at GigaOm has written a great blog post about the Wearable Man, focusing on everything from Google Glass — that allow you to do anything you normally would with your phone or laptop without using your hands — to fitbit and other health-related devices.

It’s becoming more true every day: computers aren’t things in a room that you visit (or are trapped in); they’re tools you can adapt and use in order to create your best self.

And where does the HAPIfork belong in this new ecosystem of personal tools? While we don’t wear our fork (!) if we have just the one special fork, we are going to want it with us at all times, ready to go… right?

Good news: the HAPIfork will come with its own compact case. And, in those situations where you eat but don’t have ready access to a way to clean off your fork before you return it to your case — remember, HAPIfork can go into the dishwasher — you can bring hand wipes, including these iHerb wipes that are designed for edible food. 

The HAPIfork is not only a tool that can train you to change your behavior without you really needing to focus on anything in particular, it’s also something that can help you if you DO want to focus on something in particular! The HAPIfork collects information about how fast you’re eating, and how much you’re eating. You can watch over time as you adapt to the tool, and even slow down further than HAPIfork wants you to. You can compare that with how and when you exercise, and how much you sleep. You can learn when you have your own particular challenges, and develop specific strategies to affect them.

We’ll be providing more detail on how to use the technology to meet specific goals in future posts! At HAPILABS, we are dedicated to helping you get wherever you want to go.

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