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Awards Roll In for the HAPIfork!

Posted by Renée Blodgett

6a00d83451c79e69e2017d412038e4970cWith the craziness of CES and launch of HAPIfork behind us, it’s great to be reminded of the love consumers, industry illuminaries and press alike gave to HAPILABS during that long but exhilarating week in early January. We were excited to learn that PC Magazine awarded HAPIfork a Best of CES Award from the show.

Writes Dan Costa in his post: “Given the nationwide obesity epidemic, it is a wonder no one thought of this before. We need smarter forks. The HAPIfork is a little bigger than you standard fork, but it does a lot more. Charge it up and it will monitor not just how many bites you take, but also the pace at which you eat. If you try to take more than one bite every 10 seconds, the fork will gently vibrate to tell you to slow down. Once you are done, you can upload all this data to an online service that will let you track it, and presumably, share this data with friends.” 

We’re thrilled about this great honor on the heals of an award from CNET as well, not to mention the Design and Engineering Showcase Honors Award. Below the HAPILABS team shows off the Design & Engineering award on-site in Las Vegas in our very HAPIbooth.

HAPILABS - CES-Unveiled (112)